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About as

The Safe Harbour – Animal Protection Foundation was founded in Warsaw on 9th November 2006 by Anna Wydra. The Safe Harbour is an animal charity institution which operates pursuant to the Animal Protection Act and the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. The people of the Foundation are those who do care about the fate of abandoned or bestially treated animals, and are willing to commit their private time to help our "minor brothers" – expecting no financial benefits in return. The only reward they get is awareness that a helpless cat’s or dog’s life has been saved.

The outcome of the Foundation’s work is measured by the numbers of successfully adopted homeless pets:

  • 15 cats and 26 dogs in 2006
  • 39 cats and 26 dogs in 2007
  • 50 cats and 14 dogs in 2008
  • 16 cats and 9 dogs in 2009
  • 120 cats and 75 dogs overall

The Foundation has provided its help to many feral cats, or neglected dogs, looking forward to their unique life chance – i.e. finding a new home. We also offer telephone advice, take part in many interventions, or make arrangements in aim to help common people to properly take care of stray and home pets.

The Foundation may operate only thanks to grants and donations offered by generous people. We take our best efforts to ensure that all the animals (mostly cats) staying at the Adoption Centres (i.e. private apartments) are provided with adequate living conditions and safety. We are not capable of accepting all animals in need, and positively respond to each phone calls from those who have found a stray pet. Nevertheless, we are always ready to offer you first-aid assistance, or at least, a piece of advice on how one can help an abandoned animal.

We cannot promise that we will always be able to offer a wide array of solutions for tackling each and every animal tragedy.
Yet, what we can, and actually do, is finding "safe harbours".
And then?
We hope that all the animals remaining in our custody will finally find their permanent safe harbours.

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Fundacja Ochrony Zwierząt "Bezpieczna Przystań", 01-962 Warszawa, ul. Przytyk 9/20
tel. (22) 835 64 38 | e-mail:
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